A long long time ago...you know the rest

The Story
...thus far

Our adventures:

Episode I

Our young Jedi are instructed to escort several younglings from their small enclaves to a Jedi way station on Karosh, for transport to Coruscant. Unfortunately the Wardens of the station are not present, the planet then comes under attack. This forces the Jedi to flee with their younglings and try to escape the planet. Mandolorians are behind the attack but Jedi forces do not come to the aid of the planet’s citizens.

Episode II

Upon arrival on Coruscant the young Jedi’s stumble upon a protest around the Senate’s house. The protest has been infiltrated by a Rodian spy guild, the young Jedi seek out an ally in a Jedi Librarian.

Episode III

The younglings have been sent to an off world training facility while the young Jedi begin to face the trails for knighthood.

Episode IV

On the return trip to Coruscant the transport ship fell out of hyperspace due to a solar event but are attacked almost immediately and crash land on an un-populated planet. Well it was supposed to be un-populated.


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